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Who we are

AOSIS Paints and Resins implements a global approach for the realization of your painting and resin flooring projects which involves:

  • the nature and composition of the subfloors to be treated

  • the uses and functions of the surfaces

  • the choice of the best technical solution

  • control of budgets.

With more than 25 years of experience acquired in the field by our specialists and our partners, we are committed to providing relevant, efficient, and competitive solutions.


For several years, our paints and resins have been manufactured with the best possible emphasis on the safety of people and the environment. 

From the outset, the manufacturing process of our products has excluded all raw materials classified as CMR and favours the least dangerous admixtures and solvents. 

We are proud to announce that today all of our epoxy, PU and polyaspartic resins, whether water-based, solvent-free or solvent phase, are rated A+ for indoor air emission. 



Aosis Who we are


AOSIS supports you at all stages of your projects, from the prescription process to the recommendation of the most suitable systems, but also by advising you in the colorimetric choices as well as the choice of service providers.

Our research and development laboratory strives to always develop innovative and quality products, carefully controlled in practice, compliant with the latest VOC standards, but also without any Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic (CMR) components. We are concerned about the well-being and health of our partners and their applicators.

We work on epoxy and polyurethane resin technologies, but above all on a new technology, polyaspartics. This new range of very high quality resins revolutionizes the way of designing, planning and carrying out a flooring project. AOSIS masters them perfectly, to such an extent that we already total tens of thousands of m² applied. This allowed us to obtain the 1st P / MC Performance Classification (IPRU) from CSTB for the French market. We are constantly expanding its range of products and systems in order to provide its customers with a solution in the world of parking floors and industrial floors in all types of industries from low to high demand.


Aosis What we do


AOSIS provides you with FUNGET brand premium quality paints as well as resins produced by RSOL.


Are you looking for a resin and paint manufacturer that is reactive, technical, cutting-edge and able to be close to you? Become our partner!


Are you looking for the technical requirements for the realization of your projects? Our technicians will help you draft your special technical specifications.


Are you looking for the resin system or the paint that best fits your project and the best applicator to execute it? We will be able to draft your project specification and to put you in touch with one of our certified applicators.


Are you looking to renovate or treat the walls and floors of your premises and don't know which system to apply? We will guide you in your choice and if necessary we will find the most suitable applicator for you.