Aosis - Parking facility and parking lot


Parking facility and parking lot solutions

The treatment of parking lot floors serves multiple functions. It both allows to make subfloors "dustproof" and to facilitate their maintenance, to decorate and to enhance the site, but also to secure often dark sites thanks to additional light reflection.
Depending on the destination, whether it be residential parking with little traffic or a public parking lot with an intense level of activity, AOSIS offers you different systems able to respond to your needs.


Film-forming system (...)

The most commonly used system is the film-forming system, with a smooth or anti-slip finish, which is a thin and economical type of flooring


Self-levelling system (...)

If you are looking for a finish that is a lot nobler and smarter, more resistant and as such more sustainable, it is possible to place the self-levelling system, which is thicker


Semi-smooth system (...)

Finally, if you are looking for a thicker system with an anti-slip finish instead, AOSIS offers you to place a semi-smooth system