Aosis - Roof treatment


Roof treatment

The roof is the 5th facade of your house.

It is exposed to many attacks including bad weather, pollution, moss and fungi. These elements weaken your roof and, over time, are likely to damage its waterproofing. This then causes humidity problems.

Beyond these degradations, your roof becomes discolored and dirty. In order to ensure the sustainability of this key element of your home, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance of your roof, via renovation operations (cleaning and defoaming), followed by a roof treatment. 


AOSIS therefore offers the following roof treatment solutions:

FUN’DÉMOUSS (click here)

Bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal solution, specially optimized for the complete and lasting elimination of fungi, mosses, lichens, algae ...

RÉNOV’ IMPER (click here)

Paint based on acrylic emulsion in aqueous phase, intended for the renovation of roofs, specifically developed for complete and lasting protection against attacks by fungi, moss, lichens ...